Olomouc travel budget guide

Czech people can have a pretty good lifestyle with the money they earn. When does the Czech salary suck is when you want to travel. You are not able to save enough for California Trip when your average income is about 10 000€ per year.

Yet this fact makes Olomouc amazing for travellers of all budget range. Let’s start with average prices for food, goods and accommodation in Czech.


Every restaurant serves fixed priced lunch specials sets for 4€. In this set, you will get soup and main course. Add a big (half-liter) draft beer with the best reputation in the world for 1€ and you pay 5€ for an amazing meal.






Dinner time is slightly more pricey, but only with the meaning, that for 5€ you will get no soup and no beer. Just the main dish. Still pretty good, hm?

The most expensive degustation menu with wine pairing you can find in Olomouc is currently 80€ in a stunning restaurant with world-class service.


The cheapest is the bed in dormitory 15€ in the top city centre and in brand new design hostel.

Cheapest single and double rooms are available for 20€, midrange for 20€ – 20€- Often with breakfast.

AirBnB whole apartments are available from 20€, but the average price for two people is 30€ – 80€.

Night in Top End designer hotels is for 80€ -120€.


The typical local Saturday night out begins with beautiful Moravian wine you can buy in winery shop. One litre of white Pinot Grigio will cost 3€, we are not kidding. The average glass bottle of Moravian wine will cost as less as 6€. Bring the blanket, glasses and start the evening in one of the majestic parks of Olomouc.

We already mentioned one beer, drafted, half a litre and one of the world best known for quality and taste cost 1€. The artisanal brands will be 1,7€. We have never seen more expensive beer in Olomouc.

Cocktail in one of the hip bars will be 4-6€. Our favourite bar is the one specialised only for Gin&Tonic mixtures. In the normal bar, like our home base bar, you can take shots of all alcohol for 1,5€. Coke in the bottle is for 1€.

Well if we count well – one litre of wine, two beers, one cocktail and two shots+cola is 14€ and you will not drink it all just by yourself. You can be also very happy just with the one litre of white Pinot Grigio will cost 3€. Depends on your budget.


HOSTEL 15€ / BREAKFAST 4€ / LUNCH 5€ / DINNER 5€ and PARTY 14€




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