One day trip around Olomouc #2

With this route, you will visit another department of Czech Republic – Zlín and region Slovácko. This drive will be 3 hours and a half long and you will visit UNESCO site in picturesque small town Kroměříž, Bata Canals of Morava River, where you can rent a boat and be a sailor for a while. You will enjoy the original atmosphere of Uherské Hradiště. If you decide to stay overnight, you MUST visit one of the many wine cellars. You will be more than happy for your stay in the company of friendly locals and amazing and cheap wine. Later you will go to the young and urban city of Zlín, place of origin of world famous shoe maker and business man Baťa. And on the way back to Olomouc you will visit the majestic famous church in Dub nad Moravou, important for pilgrims.

Uherské Hradiště

Temple in Dub nad Moravou

Typical wine cellars in Slovácko

UNESCO site Kroměříž

Zlín and houses for Bata workers

Bata Canals near Zlín




















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