One day trip around Olomouc #1

In one day you can explore a lot from Haná region and you can even reach mountains in the north, close to borders with Poland. In this trip, you will spend 4 hours of driving. We think it is doable, but of course, you will enjoy yourself more, if you will stay overnight in Velké Losiny and fully enjoy their Thermal pools.

In this route you will see two castles (Velké Losiny, Sovinec), visit two nice Czech towns (Šumperk, Šternberk), you will dip into thermal pools (indoor and outdoor) in Velké Losiny and you will walk up in one of the most amazing touristic sites in mountains – THE SKY WALK in Dolní Morava.

To do this ambitious plan you need to rent a car. We can help you to arrange this and the rate is 30 EUR per day with insurance and without gas. 1 litre of gasoline is about 1,5 EUR.

You will visit this sites:

Velké Losiny

Thermal Spa Velké Losiny

Sovinec Castle





Sky walk in Dolní Morava
















Šterberk Castle



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One day trip around Olomouc #2

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