June 15, 2017

Why you will love Olomouc?

  • Did you love Prague, but it was just too crowded for you?
  • Did you love Prague and you want to see another amazing Czech city with the more authentic atmosphere?
  • Do you want to see amazing destination unspoilt by tourism?
  • Does the daily budget around 43€ with accommodation, food and even party sounds good to you?


Welcome in one of the Czech Republic’s best-kept secrets.


Olomouc today is the second most cultural and historical city in the Czech Republic, vibrant student city with lots of international students, a plethora of stuff happens in Olomouc throughout the year – music, theatre, festivals, art exhibitions and more.

Relaxed atmosphere, famous city parks, friendly locals, Vienna style coffee shops, student clubs, cool bars and noisy pubs, designers restaurants and old-school eateries for all budget, all ranges of accommodation, this all makes a perfect mix for every traveller.

In the past, The Haná region’s metropolis Olomouc was important in almost every subject of life. It was the capital city of Moravia and the centre of education, religion, military and trade.

The key military base was here as Olomouc served as a mighty fortress to Moravia. The second oldest university in Czech has founded here around 440 years ago, the strategic location between other countries was important for trade and most important of all – Olomouc would never have such an amazing architecture without the Archbishop. It was one of the most important religious sites in Austria-Hungary Empire and Franz Josef I was crowned Emperor of Austria in 1848 at the age of 18.

We promise you will love it. We travelled the world for a year but we choose Olomouc as the place to live.