June 14, 2017

One day trip from Prague

The Czech Republic is a compact country. Lucky for you. We can’t recommend coming to Olomouc just for one day trip from Prague because you won’t see it all, but if don’t want to miss Olomouc and you are short on time, you can do this as one day trip from Prague.

You should set up your alarm and catch the train from Prague at 8 am, you will arrive in Olomouc at 10:30 am and you can enjoy Olomouc till the last train back to Prague. That departures Olomouc after 9 pm. Before midnight you are back in Prague.

For travel tips check: http://www.discoverolomouc.com/about-olomouc/how-to-get-in/

We can help you arrange the journey from Prague, organise any of our tours for you, walk the city with you, try the best food and drinks and help you to not waste any minute from your quick stay.

We can promise, that on the way back to Prague you will regret you couldn’t stay in Olomouc at least two days.